These days we enjoyed with Stuart, who is living in Stockholm, and his family. He got a great opportunity to row in the Guadalquivir River with a marvellous sun.

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After that, a magnificent walk looking all the monuments, having tapas, enjoying with the atmosphere, the small squares…


The surroundings of his club with a lot of snow, here…

BBQ on baltic 2015


Next time, more time with Rowing Spain. Cheers Stuart!

With Stuart, Australian who lives in Stockholm

One thought on “With Stuart, Australian who lives in Stockholm

  • March 19, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    Dear José and Luis,

    Thank you both for helping make my brief visit to Seville memorable. The rowing was excellent and I highly recommend this new company. Both Jose and Luis are keen rowers and this combined with excellent facilities makes for a stress free experience. Seville is simply marvellous and worth spending at least a week exploring. Thank you both for showing me the special areas near the hotel. I stayed at the Don Paco which was very good and an easy 15 minute walk to the rowing club. The river was clean and inviting and very well used by many people paddling all sorts of boats. The single skull I used was modern and once I settled into the new feel was very suitable. The shower facilities etc afterwards were also professionally maintained. All in all I recommend this experience to anyone and feel free to contact me for verification. Next time I will stay a week and row every morning!!!

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