The creation of teams that can work together is one of the aims pursued by all companies. To be flexible, imaginative, to facilitate our colleagues’ work, are values required by people who occupy management or intermediate positions.

Training courses are good, but they are better if they are accompanied by certain activities that help to internalize the knowledge.

We only retain about 10% of what we hear. This percentage increases exponentially when the learning is accompanied by other senses and when we need to experience unknown situations that make us discover new ideas.

It is for this that we have made this Team-Building programme with the aim to satisfy your corporate needs. We offer a program that combines formative conferences on those aspects that your company considers a priority for working, and physical and mental teamwork activities.

As regards the formative offer, we rely on a team of specialists in sales, coaching, emotional intelligence, insight workshops, etc.

Our offer has four work areas:

  • Rowing on the Guadalquivir River, with an experienced cox. This means performing a new activity and doing it in harmony with colleagues. It involves opening the mind to new experiences, keeping up with the pace, and carrying out tasks like pulling the boat in and out of the river.
  • Skill tests. With a limited budget, the team (or teams) need to buy ingredients in a market within a given time, in order to make some dishes under chef supervision. Cooperation between all members of the team is very important for completing the tasks.
  • Room escape.Teams (2-4 people). Using teamwork, communication, logic and intuition, you will attempt to achieve your goal: to escape from the room. You have 60 minutes to solve different clues. The best muscle is the brain.
  • Gymkhana. By teams. The aim is to get to a specific place in the city. Three clues to get to the restaurant where we will be having lunch or dinner. You will need to speak to the locals to make your way through the city. It is a game of strategy, speed and mutual trust. There will be prizes for everyone.

We are in charge of booking the hotel, the meeting-room, the speakers, the boats, the coach, the hosts and the auxiliary staff. Basically, we will do anything to help you to achieve your Team-Building objectives, contributing added value to the company by means of the employees’ learning.

Minimum: team of four persons.

Please ask us for further information and an approximate price.