We want to combine rowing on the Guadalquivir River with various activities in Seville. This is the main idea of Rowing Spain.

You can see monuments, the different cities, try the local gastronomy (tapas, pinchos…). Rowing Spain has prepared different kinds of activities in Seville, depending on your interests: wine tasting, a cookery course of Spanish dishes, a tapa tour, a trip to Jerez or the former Roman Italica, the Arab baths, a visit to the Alcazar Palace… we are open to your suggestions.

We can offer you different boats: Olympic, yawls, recreational boats on the Guadalquivir River, and a Gig or Llagut in San Sebastián, Málaga or Barbate (Cádiz).

Each city is different. San Sebastián, in the Basque Country, is famous worldwide for its gastronomy (more than ten Michelin Stars) and because it is a breathtakingly beautiful city. In September, the most important trainera (Gigs) competition takes place by the beach, and you will be able to row on the same racecourse.

Malaga is an attractive city too, with warm weather all year round. You can row on the normally quiet waters in a Gig, and combine this with a visit to the Picasso Art Gallery or enjoy sardines in a restaurant on the beach.

Barbate is a small town which is very famous for its tuna fishing, and all this coastline is very popular during the summer holidays. We can row on the quiet waters too and enjoy the sun and the beach, like in Malaga.

If you like, you can combine rowing in Malaga and Seville, or in Seville and Barbate. Your interest is our interest. In the same way, we can offer training camps for your rowers.

For Companies, we can arrange an Incentive Trip (Team building) to Seville. Rowing has a great many values, such as coordination, teamwork, effort and achievement, which are very important in business. We propose a few days for team building with time for rowing, cooking together or in teams, motivational conferences, gymkhanas…

The different packages are available for a minimum of six people, but we can arrange a similar package for a smaller number. Remember, if you would like a longer or shorter stay, please tell us.

Finally, if it is more convenient for you to fly to Malaga, we can organize the transfer to Seville or to Barbate. Remember that you can combine some days in Malaga with other days in Seville. If you fly to Madrid, you can get a high-speed train (AVE, with an interesting offer on the Internet), which arrives to Seville in 2.30 hours.

Remember, you and your colleagues can spend some of your holiday time rowing in Spain. What a great idea!

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